Ironstone Concours d'Elegance

September 22, 2007

Pictures supplied by: Jim Meehanand Bill Charpier

There were 19 Franklins registered among some 300 entrants - 16 actuslly showed

The Franklins ranged in age from Chet and Marlene Zimmerman's 1904 Runabout to Mike Knips' 1933 Series 16B Victoria
and Lee and June Webb's 1933 Series 17 V12 Sedan. Awards of Merit went to Doug and Pauls Zimmerman's 1910 Model D Touring
Jerry Houchens' 1930 Series 145 Coupe, Dave and Teddie Oatey's 1932 Series 16A Victoria Brougham and
Jim Meehan's 1929 Series 137 Seven Passenger Sedan