35th Westrek, 2004

Silverdale, Washington

Hosts Val and Jim Barnes

Photos by Frank Hantak.

Carole Reddaway and Val Barnes at the registration desk in the hospitality suite

Hospitality room with all the goodies

David Rundle and Geogg Morris from Sydney, AU driving Lee Webb's 1929 Dietrich Speedster

Ron Bartlet's 1931 Series 151 comvertible coupe, Mike Knips working on it as Ron talks with Chet Zimmerman about the bird in the engine

Ron Bartlet's 1931 Series 151 comvertible coupe, Mike Knips trying to stop the bird sound, Ron telling Mile it is still there

Three of the many beautifulFranklins at the 2004 Westrek

David and Teddie Oatey's wonderful 1932 Victoria Brougham

What happens when you pull a trailer with a Franklin, you keep adjusting the clutch! Yes, that is the tailer on the other side of the Franklin.

Three great Franklins, left to right, 1932 Victoria Brougham, 1930 Convertible Speedster Dietrich and 1931 Sport Salon

Don Reddaway's 1931 Sport Salon, David Reddaway drove this beautiful Franklin an allowed your web master to ride with him.

Julie Stranburg's 1930 Convertible Coupe

Ron Bartlett's 1931 Convertible Coupe and Chet Zimmerman's 1929 Convertible Coupe

Jerry Houchens's beautiful 1930 Coupe

12 Franklins lined up ready to start touring

10 Franklins lined up ready to start touring

Wayne Boell 1923 Touring

There must be some interesting history onthis Franklin, but your WebMaster has no idea what it is

Gary Geddes's 1931 Victoria Brougham

As always David has the attention of everyone around him

David trying to explain to the group how he plans to leave the USA without being seen!

1925 Doctors Coupe

1928 Convertible Coupe

Rumble seat

Beautiful 1929

Inside the beautiful 1929

Front view 1929

1932 Dietrich Speedster owned by Bill Deibel

Don Reddaway's 1930 Dietrich Speedster Convertible

Inside Don Reddaway's 1930 Dietrich Speedster Convertible, all the wood is first class!

Pierre and Susan Lavedan's 1928 Convertible Coupe, Pierre and Susan are your ACN Editors

1928 LIZ Sport Sedan Series 12A

Jerry Houchens great 1930 Coupe

Mike Knips's 1933 Olympic Coupe which he drove up from Campbell, CA

A beautiful looking Franklin, 1923 10C

Relaxing in the nice hospitality room

Some on the many Franklin Westrekers doing what Franklin people are knew for, eating!

The National Club Presodent, Mr. Hogan

Very earlly in the morning crossing the Sound

David Reddaway walking a way from his wonderful 1931 Sport Sedan

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