37th Westrek, June 2006

Fallbrook, California

Photos by Mike Knipe, Allan Franklin, Mark Chaplin and Bill Charpier

Mike Knips and his 1933 Series 18A Olympic Coupe, which was the long distance winner he drove it about 500 mile to the Westrek

Mark Chaplin's 1927 11B Sport Touring restored by Tom Hubbard Bill Charpier's 1928 Series 12B, first time at a Westrek

Steve Roake and Owen Franklin Hoyt behind Steve's Series 135 1929 Sport Sedan

A popular stop, pit stop on Monday and lunch on Wed.

Julie Stranburg's 1930 Series 145 Convertible Coupe, second time at a Westrek but first time driven on one

The hills took their toll on clutches. Ron Topley hard at work on his.

The evening gathering place

At Bobby Babcock's Lazy Creek Ranch

Another view at Babcock's parking area

One of Bobby's toys

We had a ride on the entire 500 feet of track. As one woman observed "This guy really knows how to play"

1905 air cooled "U.S. Long Distance"

Some of the many Franklins at the Westrek

Some of the many Franklins at the Westrek

Beautiful flowers as the Westerker's look around

Julie Stranburg's 1930 Series 145 Convertible Coupe

Steve Roake's 1929 Sport Sedan

A look at some of Bobby's toys

Franklins at the Westrek

1927 Series 11B of Mark Chaplin

Derek's 1915 Trailer

Eyeinga 50's Studebaker

Franklins at the Nursery

Mark Chaplin and His 1927 Series11B

Peter and Evelyn Zeigers Series 10

The Gang at the Reception

Inhabitants at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido

Tethered balloon ride at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido

Jan Charpier and Regian Haggerty arrive at the Grand Tradition for the opening reception.

Car at the Grand Tradition

The Grand Tradition

Elegant grounds of the Grand Tradition

Nancy Jobin and Stan Mayer at the Grand Tradition opening reception

Julie and Chiff Stranburg's 1930 Series 145 Convertible Coupe

Beautiful gardens at th Euro-American Propagators' nursery

Tour of the Euro-American Propagators' nursery

Willie Shefts enjoying the hospitality area

Dave Oatey viewing photos at the hospitatity area

Touring the transportation museum in San Diego's Balhoa Park

Derek Haberman's trailer getting loaded for a tour

Allan Franklin getting ready to tour in his 1923 Series 10B Demi Sedan

Mark Chaplin gets ready to tour with John Strawway and Neil Kissel in his 1927 Series 11B Touring

Doug and Paula Zimmerman with their 1931 Dietrich Speedster

Derek Haberman and his 1930 Series 145 Sedan

Franklins in Old Town Temecula

Franklins in Old Town Temecula

Franklins parked in Bobby Babcock's corral

Bobby Babcock's steam locomotive and train

Janice and Syros Westra in Bobby Babcock's railroad yard

Bobby Babcock's car barn

Bobby Babcock's car barn

Hosts Evelyn and Peter Ziegler at the banquet

Mike Knips, Steve Roake and Warren Martin at the banquet

Neil Kissel, John Strawway and Mark Chaplin at the banquet

Ed Engish's son and family join Ed at the banquet

Suzanne Siegal and Phil Rust at the banquet

Jan and Bill Charpier at the banquet

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