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1904 and 1906 Transcontinental Runs

Trans Run

Click here to view a video, pictures, newspaper clippings, and advertising copy from these Transcontinental Runs by Intrepid Franklin pilots.

1908 Road Trip
Chicago to New York

1908 DriveFrom the Club library: Images and advertising copy from a record breaking drive from Chicago to New York in a 1908 Type-D Franklin. Click here.

1910 Low Gear Run
Walla Walla to San Francisco

1910 DriveImages, newspaper coverage, and Western Union telegrams that follow the 860 mile low gear, non-stop grind in 1910. Click here.

Franklin Wins Truck Efficiency Contest

TruckSales brochure describing a truck ton-mile competition won by a Franklin truck. Click here.

Air Cooled Convert

Hiram MaximSales brochure describing an automotive engineer won over to air cooling in 1910. Click here.

Jay Leno and his 1914

Jay Leno walkaround and joy ride in his 1914 Franklin.

Click on the icon in upper left corner of video to see larger version.

Powell Book
Franklin History

Do you want to learn more about Franklins? Click to check out Sinclair Powell's authoritative history of the Franklin Auto Company, its times, and its people.

Mark's Car


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This web site is promoted and maintained as a repository for technical data, historical data, service data, question and answers, photographs and video clips of cars in the past and present with current owners as well as past, automobiles and parts for sale, upcoming and past events, related site links, membership news, with a limited emphasis on social media interaction for members of the H.H. Franklin Club.

The H. H. Franklin Club

The H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company


Read Franklin Company contemporary notes made for the Franklin Board of Directors which gives an outline of the history of the company.

Pamphlet Franklin Company dealers handbook from 1931.

This is a 150+ page pamphlet and although there is a focus on the Series 15 cars, it contains lots of Franklin company history and engineering information. Chapters include: Brief History, Franklin Records in Speed and Efficiency, Development of Air Cooling, The Franklin Car General Description, The Engine, Lubrication, Chassis, Bodies, Bodies - Construction and Material (with coachwork images), Quality, Light Weight, Comfort, Safety, Reliability, and Roadability. Click here or on pamphlet image.


Watch Franklin Club Historian Sinclar Powell present the history of the H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company. Click Here

The People of the H. H. Franklin Company

Muddy Car

Ralph Hamlin: The Forgotten History of an L.A. Auto Pioneer

Read this interesting article from KCET about Ralph Hamlin, Franklin's largest dealer and some of his racing exploits. Click here to read the article.

On-Line Articles about Franklins

Franklin Store

Franklin Automobile Dealers

This Franklin Dealership from the early 1920's is still standing in Downtown Denver. Click here to read about this building and its history.

V12 Franklin

Franklin's V-12

Read a web article about the Franklin V-12 from 'The Old Motor' on-line magazine . Click here.

V12 Franklin

1931 Derham Sportsman Coupe,
aka Airman De Luxe Model 153.

Two articles about a Franklin expressly built for display at the 1931 New York Automobile Salon in Hemmings. Click here. or you may Click here.


Better Dressed But Not Too Flashy - 1927 Franklin 11B Sedan

Read an article from Autoweek's online publication. . Click here.


From Syracuse, with Pride - 1923 Franklin 10B

Read an article about this Franklin by Jim Donnelly from September 2013 issue of Hemmings Classic Car . Click here.


Franklin’s Innovative and Wind-Cheating Torpedo

Read an article about this Franklin on 'The Old Motor' on-line magazine. Click here.

1910 H

1910 Franklin Six at the Riverside Garage on Long Island

Read another article from 'The Old Motor' about this 1910 Economy Run on Long Island. Click here.


1934: Victim of the Great Depression, the final Franklin rolls off the assembly line

Read an article about the history of the company on the '' on-line magazine. Click here.

Bakers Pikes Peak Special

The Franklin

Read an article about the history of the company with a distinctive British take on Franklins on the 'Motor Sport' on-line magazine archives. Click here.


Lindbergh and Franklins

Read a couple of articles about Lindbergh and his connections with Franklins. Click here for an article from Vintage Wings.

Click here for an article from Hagerty.


How Franklin Cars Work

Read an on-line article from 'How Stuff Works'. Click here.

Franklin Ad


Read the Wikipedia entry on Franklins. Click here.