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Sellers: Be Aware of Scams

Several members lising cars for sale have encountered disreputable buyers. We hope your selling experience is positive, but be careful. The National Consumers League Website has the following cautions:

>NEVER wire money or use a bank-to-bank transfer in a transaction.

>Avoid payment via international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency.

>DO NOT sell a car to someone who is unable or unwilling to meet you face to face.

>WAIT until a check (personal, cashier’s, certified, or otherwise) has cleared the bank to transfer title or the car itself. Funds being made available by a bank DOES NOT mean the check is not counterfeit. Clearing a check can take days or weeks depending on the financial institutions involved. Check with your bank about their particular processes for clearing checks.

>NEVER trust a buyer who says that the transaction is GUARANTEED by eBay, Craigslist, PayPal, or other online marketplace. These sites explicitly DO NOT guarantee that people using their services are legitimate.

>BEWARE of buyers who want to conclude a transaction as quickly as possible.

>CALL the buyer to establish phone contact. If the buyer seems to neglect details agreed to via e-mail or is unable to answer questions about their location, it is likely to be a scam.

>ALWAYS trust your gut. If a deal feels “fishy” or sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Other Scams include:

>A buyer will tell you that someone else owes him or her money that is more than the cost of your car. He or she will ask for the car and promise payment from the other individual.

>Buyer promises additional funds to pay for the cost to ship.

> Buyer sends payment that is over the asking price.

>Buyer makes a promise to make monthly payments

>The buyer will use an unknown escrow service to complete the transaction.

Franklins For Sale

The H.H. Franklin Club provides 'For Sale' listings as a service to its members and others.

The H. H. Franklin Club publishes the information listed below solely as a convenience to its members. No endorsement is made by the Club or Region, no claim or warranty is made as to the accuracy of any of this information. No responsibility is assumed for any transactions resulting from this information.

December 2, 2021

1929 Franklin 137
7 passenger, dual windshield Touring
Walker Body, special wood wheels
Older restoration still in very good condition
Previously owned by Carl Fregonese
Car is equipped with power brakes and overdrive
Tan and chocolate body, brown leather upholstery, tan top
Included a truck load of spare parts

$ 57,500 or offer
Bob Nunnink 973-839-6057


April 8, 2021

1928 Franklin Sedan

The car is located in Greensboro GA about one and a half hour drive east of Atlanta. I am asking $7500 for this sedan.

Interested buyers can email at jimgill@plantationcable.net or call/text at 678-591-9292

Thank you

Jim Gill







April 19, 2020

FOR SALE: 1920 Special V-windshield Franklin.
3,700 made listed as "Sexiest of Body Styles." Rare wire wheels for the day. Car is beautiful, motor turns easy, treated with marvel mystery oil. I never ran it, in our possession since 2014.

Car located in Odessa Eastern Washington. Asking $24,000 cash, or preferably a barter trade for a $10,000 purchase with remaining balance in a Vintage or Antique car trade. Anything and all is considered.
Call 509-658-2317 or email nate.lathrop@gmail.com
God Bless You, and Thank You for looking... Nate






June 5, 2019

FOR SALE: 1929 Franklin Model 130 Coupe $9500.00

Hoosier Hoods and Sons is selling this 1929 Franklin Coupe. We have been restoring this Franklin for the past few years and have decided to move on from this project. We have been in the Street Rod industry for more than 40 yrs. Manufacturing sheet metal parts and we have built several Model A and 1932 Fords, along with Chevy, Plymouths, and Dodge’s. It is time for us to move on from this project and focus our efforts on other projects.

We have done MAJOR work to this Franklin, and will discuss further:

  • Entire Drivetrain has been gone through and restored. The top of the motor has been updated and will turnover.
  • Frame has been restored and painted. Leaf springs are in good shape. Brand new brakes, wheels have been cleaned and powder coated. New Cooker tires and innertube’s. Wood spoke wheels have been restored and look brand new.
  • The doors have been fixed with new sheet metal and primered.
  • New deck lid has been manufactured and fit, along with a drip pan for the trunk.
  • New hood and side panels has been manufactured and fit to car.
  • Front splash pan has been repaired
  • Windshield frame has been repaired and fit to car
  • Trim has been fixed
  • Many more things have been fixed and will be willing to discuss further

Interested parties should contact Adam Dillman or George Dillman at Hoosier Hoods, in Richmond, Indiana. Our phone number is 765-962-7924 (shop) and email info@hoosierhoods.com