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Sellers: Be Aware of Scams

Several members lising cars for sale have encountered disreputable buyers. We hope your selling experience is positive, but be careful. The National Consumers League Website has the following cautions:

>NEVER wire money or use a bank-to-bank transfer in a transaction.

>Avoid payment via international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency.

>DO NOT sell a car to someone who is unable or unwilling to meet you face to face.

>WAIT until a check (personal, cashier’s, certified, or otherwise) has cleared the bank to transfer title or the car itself. Funds being made available by a bank DOES NOT mean the check is not counterfeit. Clearing a check can take days or weeks depending on the financial institutions involved. Check with your bank about their particular processes for clearing checks.

>NEVER trust a buyer who says that the transaction is GUARANTEED by eBay, Craigslist, PayPal, or other online marketplace. These sites explicitly DO NOT guarantee that people using their services are legitimate.

>BEWARE of buyers who want to conclude a transaction as quickly as possible.

>CALL the buyer to establish phone contact. If the buyer seems to neglect details agreed to via e-mail or is unable to answer questions about their location, it is likely to be a scam.

>ALWAYS trust your gut. If a deal feels “fishy” or sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Other Scams include:

>A buyer will tell you that someone else owes him or her money that is more than the cost of your car. He or she will ask for the car and promise payment from the other individual.

>Buyer promises additional funds to pay for the cost to ship.

> Buyer sends payment that is over the asking price.

>Buyer makes a promise to make monthly payments

>The buyer will use an unknown escrow service to complete the transaction.

Franklins For Sale

The H.H. Franklin Club provides 'For Sale' listings as a service to its members and others.

The H. H. Franklin Club publishes the information listed below solely as a convenience to its members. No endorsement is made by the Club or Region, no claim or warranty is made as to the accuracy of any of this information. No responsibility is assumed for any transactions resulting from this information.

October 13, 2019

For Sale: PRICE CHANGED. 1919 Franklin Series 9B Touring
Decent, pretty complete, and mostly original car. Looks like it was repainted maybe once, not a very good paint job and now weathered and beat up. Top was also replaced in the past, and needs it again to be nice. Have side curtains and brackets. Aluminum body is in good condition, as is the wood framing. Most doors have taken a bit of a warp over the years. Tools are still in the doors. Fenders are somewhat beat up, but restorable. Have a nice spare set of front fenders. Car runs and drives. Engine top end was redone some years ago with new valves, hardened seats, and new oversize pistons. Has Buffalo wire wheels, but tires should be replaced. Wood frame is in good shape. Most of the seat upholstery has been replaced (somewhat poorly), but the rear seat backrest is original. Door panels appear to be original, but are worn.

Looking for a new home for it. $15K or best offer. Rob or Laurie at: 505-672-3483.







June 5, 2019

FOR SALE: 1929 Franklin Model 130 Coupe $9500.00

Hoosier Hoods and Sons is selling this 1929 Franklin Coupe. We have been restoring this Franklin for the past few years and have decided to move on from this project. We have been in the Street Rod industry for more than 40 yrs. Manufacturing sheet metal parts and we have built several Model A and 1932 Fords, along with Chevy, Plymouths, and Dodge’s. It is time for us to move on from this project and focus our efforts on other projects.

We have done MAJOR work to this Franklin, and will discuss further:

  • Entire Drivetrain has been gone through and restored. The top of the motor has been updated and will turnover.
  • Frame has been restored and painted. Leaf springs are in good shape. Brand new brakes, wheels have been cleaned and powder coated. New Cooker tires and innertube’s. Wood spoke wheels have been restored and look brand new.
  • The doors have been fixed with new sheet metal and primered.
  • New deck lid has been manufactured and fit, along with a drip pan for the trunk.
  • New hood and side panels has been manufactured and fit to car.
  • Front splash pan has been repaired
  • Windshield frame has been repaired and fit to car
  • Trim has been fixed
  • Many more things have been fixed and will be willing to discuss further

Interested parties should contact Adam Dillman or George Dillman at Hoosier Hoods, in Richmond, Indiana. Our phone number is 765-962-7924 (shop) and email info@hoosierhoods.com






March 17, 2019

FOR SALE: 1930 Franklin Series 145 Club Sedan
Exterior restored in the 1970's, interior original. Original trunk. Runs well. Currently in Sarasota, FL. Asking $25,000.

Please contact Jeanne Beyer at: jeanne.beyer@gmail.com






February 11, 2019

FOR SALE: 1929 4 door Frankin
This Franklin belongs to a friend who's husband died suddenly. She has a 1929 4 door Frankin with title. He had started a rebuild so it is in pieces. If you have interest I can send pictures. I don't know value so would have to trust folks to offer a fair price.

Please contact Jim Snyder at: jsnyder1941@gmail.com




November 8, 2018

For Sale: 1929 Franklin 130 4-door Sedan

1929 Franklin model 130 4 door sedan.

Body: Car was repainted once in 1969 with laquer paint. Could use new paint on the fenders otherwise not bad. There is some cracking in spots, but it is not a rust bucket.

Engine: has never been totally apart and the car runs very good. The oil has been changed often. A complete tune up has been done. Rebuilt fuel pump, rebuilt carb.

Trans: Has common 1st gear growl other than that transmission is fine.

Chrome: All the chrome was done in 1969. There is some minor flaking on top of the grille shell by the cap, other than that it is very nice.

Wheels and tires: Wood wheels are in good condition with 650x19 tires that were new in 1969. Plenty of tread left but you be the judge.

Brakes: Four new wheel cylinders, and master is in good shape. All lines have been cleaned and system has new fluid. The brakes work well.

Interior: New in 1969 and still in very good shape. Speedometer does not work. Other guages work. All the lights work, including interior. Turn signals have been added. Clock has been rebuilt.

Top: Could use some woodwork and a new top.

The car is complete and in good shape. I use it just about every weekend in the summer. I have tons of original paperwork including pictures of the original owners, original owners manual etc. All receipts from restoration in 1969. Some spare parts.

This car has been garage kept its entire life. I am the third owner. The first owner was Harry Miller from Pa. then Jere Verdone from Pa.

Was asking $15,000. Now asking $13,500. Call Jim Bockin at (609) 698-4499 (New Jersey) or email at jbockinjr@comcast.net





November 1, 2018

For Sale: 1929 Franklin Model 130, 4 door sedan

Purchased and put into storage in 1972. 47,967 on odometer. Transported to Florida in 2016 to begin restoration. Performed basic survey of vehicle condition and began re-build of engine, then unable to continue due to health. Vehicle is solid and complete.

Discovered in 1980's that the storage garage was leaking water on front of vehicle, and it was transported to another storage location. Water caused damage to engine hood and fan housing, but both are repairable. Engine appears to be in good condition, but valve lifters need freed from valve lifter tubes. Carburetor (old pot metal) probably should be replaced. $5,500.00

VIN 30-184627L11
ENGINE 30-132435
Michael Presutti
980 Elm Street
Oviedo, FL 32765
Email: Michael@MPresutti.com


September 12, 2018

For Sale: 1931 Franklin 153 Sedan

Selling a 1931 Franklin 153 sedan for parts or restoration. It is mostly complete but was disassembled for restoration many years ago. I have the engine and all body related parts. Originally painted grey body with black fenders.
Asking $4,000.

Contact Dan (301) 660-8190 or email dfrussell@hotmail.com