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Randy Fusco Sales
145 Linda Drive
New Castle, PA 16101


Franklin Cooling Fan and Clutch Disc Rebuilding Service.

Series 9 Driveshaft Flexible U-joint Discs Sets.

I make and install flexible discs for the cooling fan and clutch disc hubs. The discs are made from new, reinforced synthetic rubber that is machined to the original sizes. This material is more oil and water resistant, and stronger than the original natural rubber and cotton canvas discs were. The new discs are then installed with the same type heavy-duty rivets that Franklin originally used.

As part of the clutch disc service, I can rivet on new, non-asbestos friction facings for all 1922 to 34 clutch discs. I also sell sets of new facings for the Series 9B that use two free-floating facings. However, I do not rebuild the earlier type metal disc clutches.


Cooling Fan hub Rebuilding, 1925 to 1934 all Series 11A to 19.

Cooling fan two new flexible discs riveted on your cooling fan, $130.00, plus shipping and insurance.

Clutch Disc Rebuilding, Series 9B to 19.

Series 10 to 19 new friction facings installed is $60.00, plus shipping and insurance. Series 9B free-floating facings, set of two facings is $40.00, plus S and I. Series 10 to 130, new hub discs and facings riveted on is $150.00, plus shipping and insurance. New, Driveshaft Flexible U-joint Disc sets.

Series 9 flexible driveshaft discs

For Series 9, a set of four discs ready to be installed is $100.00, plus shipping and insurance. Inquire for all other flexible coupling applications.

Reinforced Rubber Body/Chassis Mounting Cushions. Cut to size, with bolt holes and ready to be installed. Inquire with dimensions and quantity for quote.

Paul Fitzpatrick
Wood Restoration Co.
P.O. Box 210
7 South Main St.
Sherburne, NY 13460-0210

Fan Clutch

Engine Restoration Services - Odyssey Restorations, Inc.

1903 - 1934 Franklin Four to Twelve cylinder restoration. 25 years of proven performance and reliability and many tens of thousands of touring miles worldwide. Cylinder/piston/valve work, bronze-backed main bearing or steel-backed rod bearing conversions, custom applications & parts machining.

Partial to complete engines or complete cars.

Tom Rasmussen
Odyssey Restorations, Inc.
8080 Central Ave NE
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432


Doug Hull

Additional services:

  • Repair and rebuild Oakes locks
  • Parts for 1929 Franklins and some 1930 and 1931 models

Doug is a Franklin Club member and has repaired/restored many Franklins and other old cars. 2010

Antique motor rebuilding

Reeve Enterprises
Mike and Patrick Reeve
4748 Syracuse Rd.
Cazenovia, N.Y. 13035

Wood graining

Custom Graining
5321 Erron Hill Rd.
Locke, N.Y. 13092


1925 Series 11A Kingpins and bushings
There is no current new source for kingpins for the Series 9 to 11 Franklins. They are a rather simple pin and are easily fabricated from quality steel that can be surface heat treated. Bushings were originally hardened steel, but bronze bushings are a very good replacement.

If you wish to have a local shop make them up, you can simply copy the original parts, or obtain the original factory blueprints through Jeff Hasslen - his contact information is available on the Franklin Service Station newsletter. You could also try to contact They will fabricate such components. I don't know if they can be competitive with your local machine shop.

1929 series 130 battery box and other items
Assuming the battery is under the passenger front seat, as on the Series 12 and 135 -- the cover is likely wood, with a couple of steel straps screwed to the top which engage slots. The latch was a ring latch that can be found at specialty hardware outlets, woodworkers supply stores, builders supply and Restoration Supply Company.

Thermostat Repair 4/29/11
Jim Otto
10700 Alameda Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932

Headlight Reflector Resilvering 6/10/12
Jim Hadnary
Avenue Plating
861 Hurlingame Ave
Redwood City, CA 94061
Semi-retired, works 2 days a week.

Window shade material 6/11/12
Kim Dawson
30688 S. Marian St.
Molalla, OR 97038
Business/Home: 503-824-5888

Car-line Manufacturing
The place that makes the seat spring sets, or "seat foundations" as they used to be called. [Ed. Years ago I sent them prints from the complete rumble seat for a 1931 convertible coupe - they manufactured a wonderful set that fix like they came with the car.] They do not have a website, but they do have an e-mail address at which they can receive pictures and dimensions to build seat spring sets from. Or same can be faxed to them. Car-line Manufacturing, 1250 Gulf St., Beaumont, TX. 77701 409-833-9757 fax 409-835-2468 e-mail

Antique Auto Parts Cellar
Fuel pump repair kits and rebuilding services.

Classic and Exotic Service Inc.
This company has brake fittings and King-Seeley gauge supplies.

Gardner-Westcott Company
Chrome Plated and Stainless Steel Fasteners. [Ed. For chrome or nickel plated screws it's not worth the cost to have them re-plated. Plus the plating shops usually buff off the crisp edges. I order new ones from Gardner Westcott.]

Gord's Gauges
Recommended by a club member who used their services in cleaning and lubricating the speedometer and repairing the cable and casing on an 11A. Family in the business since 1927.

Karr Rubber Manufacturing
Produces rubber parts (extrusions and molds) for automobiles.

LeBaron Bonney Company
Robe cords in bulk length and brand new hardware. Look under assist straps and you'll find the hardware like the Franklin piece shown on the cord.

Metro Moulded Parts Inc.
Weatherstripping and rubber parts.

Restoration Specialties and Supply, Inc.
Inventory includes: window channel, belt weatherstrips, rubber weatherstripping, rubber bumpers & grommets, sedan decking, bias, welts & windlace, fenderwelt, hoodlace, door panelboard & cowlboard, clips & fasteners, moulding bolts, finishing screws & washers, bumper bolts, trimming sundries, speed nuts, wire loom and many other hard to find antique auto parts.

Restoration Supply Company
This company can supply -- Adjusters, Autovac funnels, Bakelite plugs, Battery disconnect switches, Bolts, Braided sleeving, Brass hardware, buckles, Carriage bolts, Control swivels, Delrin rod, Drain valves, Electrical switches, lamps, Enots oilers and caps, Exhaust wrap, Flexible conduit in brass, stainless steel, German silver, German silver rivets, molding, sheet, wire, bar, Goggles and helmets, Hood lace, fender welt, Horn bulbs, connectors, brackets, tubing, reeds, Hose clamps (Sherman style, galvanized steel, Jubilee), Klaxon horn terminals, Lens clips, Light bulbs, Link belt, Mirrors, Motometers, Muffler wrap, Oilers, caps, grease gun adapters, Pyramid aluminum, Pyramid floor mat, Rajah spark plug terminals, Red radiator hose, Red fibre block, Spark plug wire, Step bolts, Step plates, Washers, Water pump packing and grease, Wiper arms and blades to name a few.

Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc.
Rhode Island Wiring Service manufactures all types of automotive harnesses from the early 1900s to the present, excluding those requiring molded connectors.

Roberts Motor Parts
Gary Roberts Jr. supplies brake hoses and parts along with new oil filters, the long canister type that was used originally. These are the same 4-1/8 inch outside diameter as fits the original oil filter brackets, with 1/8 national pipe thread on each end marked "in" and "out". 5-7/8 inch long overall for Franklins.

Steele Rubber Products
Rubber parts and weatherstripping.