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Franklin prices not only peaked more sharply at the first of the current year [1929] but are at present substantially above the price levels of that time, and more than 140% ahead of the price levels of mid-year 1928.
Securities of the general industry represented by the 15 motor companies on the other hand, after a relatively unimportant flurry at the opening of the new year's trading, have sagged almost without interruption, being on July 30 virtually on a par with the quotation average of July 30, 1928.

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Not a member and wondering what the "Trek" is all about? Listen below to an NPR radio report done during the 2006 Trek.

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Board Meetings
February 12
April 30
During the Trek Week
November 5

Midwest "M3" Fall Meet
Sept. 29 to Oct. 2
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Hershey - Franklin Club at space RNE 8, October 3 to 7.


Midwest Spring Meet

53rd WesTrek
Presser, WA
June 4-9, hosted by Kevin and Brenda Sullivan

Air Cooled meet
Hickory Corners, MI
June 17

69th Trek, July 29 to August 5

Midwest Fall Meet
Keweenaw Peninsula, UP of Michigan

3rd Tuesday of each month
Lehigh Valley Franklinites
Allentown, PA

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The H. H. Franklin Club, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization devoted to the preservation and exploration of the H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company history and its effects on the history of the automobile.

The H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company of Syracuse, NY built America's most successful air-cooled automobile, with its first innovative air-cooled motorcar in 1902 and continued production until 1934. Of the 150,000 Franklins built between 1902 and 1934, it's estimated that about 3,700 have survived.

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What's New on August 26?

Planning on attending the Midwest Meet in Maryland? The Russell's haven't received many meet reservations but the hotel is booking up. Remember that the hotel block rates will end August 28 and the Russell's would appreciate everyone's meet reservations in by Sept 1 or sooner. They have had some additions to the meet: Thursday night Les Tryon will take us through a painting lesson and Friday we will have BBQ at the Russell house for an extra cost of $20/person. They are waiting to hear back from the Boonsboro Inn to see if that will be a tour.

Updated on August 19.


For Sale: 1929 Franklin 130 4-door sedan. For more information, go to the For Sale page, or click here.

Pictures of the Trek are starting to come in. If you have some for the web, send them, or a link to them, to the webmaster at webmaster@franklincar.org. Click here to see the photos so far.

Updated on August 17.


Glenn B. Snyder, 84, of Nazareth, PA, who passed away peacefully on Saturday, August 13. Visitation will be Saturday, August 20, from 9 to 11 AM. Go to the News page or click here for more information.

Updated on August 10.


We sadly note the passing of Lynda Johnson on Saturday, July 30th. Lynda was the wife of Charles "Chuck" Johnson, long time member and past club president. Go to the News page or click here for more information.

Updated on August 5.

Midwest Maryland Meet. "M3" Fall Meet September 29 to October 2 Flyer and Registration form are available on the News/Midwest page, or click here.

A compilation of all of the scanned Franklin and related publications in the Franklin club library are available for members on thumb drive or portable storage media from the club librarian. Email the librarian at library@franklincar.org

Updated on July 21.

Miscellaneous Franklin Parts for sale. Look at the new ad for 10-C Hoods, running board, Steering column, Gas pick up, Dashboard for 10-C?, Overdrive unit for 1932 era Car, and more. Go to the Forsale/Parts page or click here.

Updated on July 18.

Midwest Region Spring Meet Photos. View some photos of the recent Midwest meet in Winona, Minnesota. Go to the Pictures page or click here.

Updated on July 8.

Franklin Line. The Spring issue of the Midwest Region's newsletter, the 'Franklin Line" is now on line for your viewing pleasure. Go to the News/Midwest page or click here.

Updated on July 7.

Just added to the Members Only page: Search for tech tips from the John Burns columns. The John Burns column appeared in the Air Cooled News from 1955 until the mid-1990's. Early issues were written by the late John Burns, a prominent engineer at the Franklin company. (Click here for John Burns bio.) He responded to technical questions submitted to the ACN. Later, questions and issues were handled by Franklin engineers and experts, as well as tips and suggestions which were submitted by members. Go to the Members Only page, or click here to search the John Burns columns.

Welcome New Club Members

William E. and Dorothy Woodcock
Rotonda West, FL
Allison Ball Tanaka
Sunnyvale, CA
Dan Hack
Caseville, MI
Joel Blacklaw
Marseilles, IL
Anne O'Brien Carelli
Delmar, NY
Jamie Brewer
Tuscaloosa, AL
Dick and Ann Bilharz
Manlius, NY
James T. Snyder and Georgette Gonzales-Snyder
Fayetteville, New York

Franklin Vintage

Franklin Vintage
Franklin Vintage — An elegant photo book with text by Sinclair Powell. Buy the book.

Banner image: June 17, 1961 Saturday Evening Post (ACN #205)